User Guide

Top Purple - User Guide 

You now owe one or the most versatile products on the market today! Listed below are some of the most common uses and proper application for maximum results. 


  1. Spray the entire surface of the piece being cleaned, also spray soft bristle toothbrush and brush, then rinse dry. Product should foam while brushing, if not add more product. 
  2. Finger buff opals and pearls with products. You can brush settings around the stone. After cleaning opals and pearls, dab mineral oil on the stone and let it set overnight to restore natural oil balance. 
  3. For watches, necklaces and bracelets - Lay flat, spray and brush, then rinse dry. Product should foam while brushing, if not add more product. 

Eye Glasses: Cleans and Anti-Fog (glass, plastic or anti-glare)

  1. Spray lenses, buff dry with cotton cloth or bounty paper towels only. 
  2. Apply every two to three days. In between coats just lightly buff clean.
  3. Use the same application method for dive/ski masks and cameras. 

Ceiling Fans: This is one of the most popular applications! 

  1. Clean and dry the blades. 
  2. Spray the paddles top and bottom liberally. 
  3. Walk away! Do not wipe, just let air dry.
  4. The anti-static properties keep dust off for months. 

Bathroom Mirror and Boat or Car windshields: (glass or plastic) 

Works as an anti-fog and reduces water spotting on boats. 

  1. Clean mirror or windshield surface with plain water to help remove any residue. 
  2. Mist a light application on the surface and buff dry. It is very important you apply the product sparingly on large surfaces so it does not streak. Sometimes spraying it on the cloth and buffing is an easier method of application. 
  3. All grades of glass are not the same and age is a factor, so if it fogs after one coat, reapply lightly. 

TV and Computer: Anti-static, no dust for up to 30 days. 

  1. Spray onto cloth and then apply to screen and buff dry. 
  2. Late model, big screen TV’s refer to the manufacturer's warranty before applying. 

Metals and Appliances or Countertops: 

  1. Spray and buff dry to enhance shine and resist fingerprints. Will not remove tarnish.