Is it safe on all my jewelry?
Top Purple is the featured jewelry cleaner at some of the biggest jewelry shows in the nation for a reason. There is no acid, abrasives, ammonia or alcohol in our product and it is green earth friendly and bio-degradable. You can safely use it on Opals, pearls, diamonds, gold, silver, costume and antique jewelry, and any other gem or stone. Make your Tiffany, Pandora, or David Yurman collectibles look brand new. Another advantage unique to Top Purple is soap, oil, lotion and hairspray will not stick to your jewelry for up to a month. Clean you whole jewelry collection quick and easy and less often with Top Purple.

As in any business there are some unethical people in our industry who will take advantage of potential customers for financial gain. Here's a quick way to spot the most common tradeshow "trick." 

If the person wants to apply a paste to your jewelry as soon as you hand it to them, beware it is probably a set-up. Here's how it works: They will make a big show of rubbing the paste on your jewelry and "amaze" you by wiping off all kinds of black stuff with a white cloth while commenting: "did you have any idea your jewelry was that dirty?" They will then tell you all that "oxidation" came off your jewelry, even if it is gold which cannot oxidize. THIS IS A SCAM! Don't just take my word for it, GOOGLE: CAN GOLD OXIDIZE? "So why do I see all the black from my gold", you ask. The "secret" is simply a chemical reaction between the gold and the paste and will turn black every time they do it, even on the same piece of jewelry! That paste also contains abrasives which can scratch fine jewelry. It is meant to clean tarnish off non-gold jewelry like sterling silver. The people doing this love what it cleans the best... your wallet!! They are going to charge you ridiculous prices for that "amazing" paste they just conned you with, and also charge you for the liquid jewelry cleaner to get the paste off. What a deal!

Top Purple sells a great tarnish remover crème, but we will never put it on your jewelry unless you have a piece that is discolored from tarnish and YOU want us to clean it. We don't have to play games because the result of our liquid cleaner, on its own, will be the best you have ever seen, guaranteed. Look for the Top hat on the bottle and save the mess, the time, and most importantly your money!! 

More uses for "the most versatile product in the country." 

How do I clean ceiling fans? 
Wipe blades clean with damp cloth (must kill those little chia pets growing on your blades), spray all paddles top and bottom liberally and let dry. DO NOT wipe off. Safe on all blades including wood, metal, and plastic and will not stain or drip.

Can I use Top Purple on my tv screen?
Yes, just don't spray any liquid directly on electronic screens, including cell screens. Spray a soft clean cotton cloth and wipe screen until dry. Safe on plastic and lcd. Always check your manufacturers warranty prior to use, they can be pretty picky about coverage.

Can I use Top Purple on my windows and mirrors?
Top Purple is fine on windows (including tinted) and mirrors. Because it has anti-fog properties do not spray it on heavy like Windex or the anti-fog will get streaky. Use a light application leaving gaps between the sprays and buff in. Some grades of glass may require a second light application to be effective.

How do I clean my stainless steel without streaks?
The first mistake is spraying any liquid direct on the stainless surface. This makes a dark area and goes downhill from there. Spray a clean soft cloth with Top Purple and buff the surface in the direction of the grain until dry. Then take a second clean cloth and give a quick buff to pop the shine. You’re done!

Can I use Top Purple on any counter top in my kitchen?
Yes, Top Purple has no acid, ammonia, or alcohol and is safe for granite, marble, corian and all other man made or natural stone.

Just spray the surface and wipe till dry. Cleans and resists fingerprints with no residue buildup. Spray and wipe as often as you like. It is also great on black mirror finish stove tops. Will not streak like the white crème!

Can I clean my glasses with Top Purple?
Yes, including anti-glare, Oakley, Maui Jim's, Bolle, Ray Bans, prescription and transition lenses. Spray the lens directly and buff dry with soft cloth. Anti-fog will help glasses clear more quickly when they fog up.

NOTE: Watch out for this sales pitch: "if you use our (whatever they call it) wonder product on your glasses they absolutely will not fog up or fingerprint!" Save your money. I have been searching for that product to sell for 18 years and have not found it. Please call me if you do.