About Us

We are proud to stand behind a green earth friendly product that has been featured on national TV, called "the most versatile product in America" by national testers, and is safe for use inside and outside the home.

They say duplication is the greatest form of flattery. If so, we should be flattered by the dozens of competitors over the years since we started that have copied our marketing strategy, to the point of trying to look and sound like us but failed to duplicate the results of our exclusive formula. The proof they say is in the pudding!

We money back guarantee you will love the versatility, simplicity of use and outstanding results of the Top Purple family of products. Just remember, there are many purple products with slick names and "original best claims" out there now, so just look for the Top hat logo on the bottle over the name because if it does not say:  "Top Purple"…... it's not!  

What is our Goal?

Quite simply to become the household name for the American house by providing a product that is safe, versatile and does a great job on everything it says it will. We want to give people complete peace of mind about cleaning and maintaining items that they would typically be scared to touch. These include delicate jewelry, high-tech electronics, and expensive finish bikes and boats. 

Family owned - Manufactured in the United States