Television Cleaner

Spray a cotton cloth or bounty paper towel and wipe screen until dry. Helps eliminate electrostatic charge on TVs and computers to keep dust off for weeks. Reduces fingerprinting on small screens and buffs clean quicker in between applications. Use as often as needed. No acid, ammonia, abrasives or alcohol. 

Safe on electronic screens from computers to tv's and cell phones. Please refer to your owner product warranty before applying. 

all natural television cleaning solution

Television Screen Cleaning Solution Reviews

I am amazed by this product. I made my one and only purchase at a trade show in Knoxville, TN in the early or mid 2000's. I bought the 3-bottle set at that time, thinking it was worth a try. I have just used the last of it today!!!! And, I have used it on everything from my jewelry, my TV screen, Computer monitor, ceiling fans (it really does keep the dust off longer). This product is totally amazing. (The reason I still had some left, is because I keep a cup of it in the bathroom, and drop my jewelry in it when I need to clean it...Little did I know that if you add water to it when it dries in the cup, it works just as well. I have no fear of using this product on my fashion jewelry, and my fine jewelry. If I could give it 10 stars, I would. Thanks
— Elizabeth Bradford 08/10/2012

I went to the Rhode Island flower show early spring. The sales person asked to wash my diamond ring, and I allowed her (my husband almost died thinking she would make some kind of switch) my ring sparkled!!! But what sold me was she said it was good for ceiling fans, which I have 2 and I am totally amazed on how much dust clings on them when they are moving all the time. So, I bought one bottle, came home and cleaned both ceiling fans, one with and one without Top Purple. Omg the one with still has no dust I Am Not kidding!!!! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! I am going to order more today and thought I'd write and let others about this miracle cleaner. I have used it on everything, tv and computer screens, windows, but the absolute best is on my Pandora jewelry!!! It really makes it shine!! I was a little skeptical about my jewelry since it is so expensive but I gave it a try and was really pleased with results. The other day a women stopped me and asked what I used on my bracelets they looked so shiny!
— Kathryn Degraide 06/11/2011