Purple Cleaning Solution

Top Purple is a biodegradable environmentally safe multi-purpose cleaner that is one of the most unique and versatile products on the market today. We are family owned and proudly American made. This national test winning formula is sold at more trade shows nationwide, and loved by more consumers, than any other product of its type for 21 years now. all natural cleaner for everything

Top Purple contains no acid, ammonia or abrasives which makes it safe for everything in and around your home. One bottle of Top Purple replaces several cleaning products saving you money, time, and storage space. Customers call us: "the whole house shine in a bottle."

Every piece of jewelry you own including opals, pearls, Pandora, Tiffany, costume and antique jewelry will look brand new in seconds with Top Purple. An added bonus is soap, oil, lotion and hairspray will not stick to your jewelry for up to a month. Showroom shine quicker and longer.

Ceiling fans will be dust free for months, TVs, computers and laptops no dust for weeks. Clean CDs, DVDs, cell phone screens, iPads, even vinyl records safely.

In your kitchen, Top Purple will clean your black mirror finish stove top without smearing. Granite will not fingerprint, and use it on stainless steel, and all manmade or natural counter tops. Your kitchen will sparkle in minutes!

Car and bike enthusiasts...Top Purple was a TV test winner for keeping brake dust off chrome and aluminum rims! Spot clean without stripping wax and will not hurt specialty paint or airbrush work. Check out our categories of use for more details on how to make your car or bike look competition ready.

Hey boat owners! Originally formulated for high tech plastic in the marine and aircraft industry, including lexan and plexiglass, you can use Top Purple on everything above the waterline. Check out our boat use category on the website.

Top Purple will save you money and simplify your cleaning with guaranteed results or your money back! If you want the "top" cleaner on the market today look for it by name: Top Purple. Welcome to the purple army.