Motorcycle Cleaner

No acid, ammonia, or abrasives. Will not hurt air-brush work or specialty paint. Spray and buff detailer without stripping wax. Get the whole bike to shine in the sun, or shade. Spray it on, wipe it dry. Safe on all high-tech plastic too, from face shield to windshield. Great for Isinglass, strata glass, plexiglass and Lexan.

all natural motorcycle cleaning solution

Motorcycle Cleaning Solution Reviews

Got my jewelry cleaned at a bike show and it looked great so I asked the guy if it did anything else. He said yea tell your husband to use it on his bike. I laughed and told him husband left so it’s me and my bike. Easiest thing I ever used. Bike looks great in no time. Two bikes later and still my cleaner. Works way better than the husband did!
— Diane Woodruff  02/23/09