Kitchen Appliance Cleaner

To clean your black mirror finish stove top just spray directly on and wipe dry with clean dry cloth. Will not smear like the white crème. If you have burnt on residue, use an industrial cleaner to remove and then Top Purple will maintain your stove quick and easy. Use every time you cook to keep things sparkling.

For all counter tops, natural and manmade including granite, spray direct and buff dry. No smearing and resists finger prints. Helps clean and lightly seal in one application. Use as often as you like but at least weekly.

For your stainless steel spray a soft cloth, wipe the stainless in the direction of the grain till dry and then take a clean soft cloth and give it a quick buff to pop the shine. Do not spray any liquid directly on stainless steel it makes it more difficult to buff evenly

Kitchen Appliance Cleaning Reviews

I love this stuff!!! My jewelry is absolutely the envy of my friends, and my kitchen appliances gleam like they were bought yesterday. Make sure you stock up on this product. It cleans an endless amount of products and once you see how awesome it is, you won't stop until the whole outside and inside of the house is clean from it! YOU MUST BUY THIS!!!!!
— Maureen Rich 06/29/2011

Really pleased with how easy this works, spray and wipe, done! Looks great and cleans up easier. I really like the stuff. The kitchen used to be such a pain, still is but the cleaning part is better.
— Rich Barger 02/11/12