Computer Cleaner

Computer and TV screens generate an electro-magnetic field when you turn them on which is an absolute dust magnet. The Top Purple formula helps neutralize the ion charge attraction which keeps the dust from sticking to the and computer monitor cleaning solution image

Spray a soft clean cotton cloth with Top Purple and wipe the screen until dry. Do not spray screens direct with any liquid.

Safe on all plastic screens, lcd's, laptops, kindle, cell phone and iPad/iPod screens. Also, use on cd's, dvd's and vinyl records to remove skin oil prints and reduce skipping.

Computer Cleaner Solution Reviews 

Been using it for several months now and so far, so good. Great looking screen and less dusting. Also, noticed when I get finger prints on my cell screen they buff off easier. I'm happy with the product. 

—Rick Staley, Nov. 16 2016

I have used Top Purple to clean jewelry, the screens of my computer and phone, and my eyeglasses. It works superbly! Great product!!! 

Lorraine W., Aug. 8, 2022