Ceiling Fan Cleaner

all natural ceiling fan cleaner imageOne of our most popular questions is "how can this cleaning product keep my ceiling fans dust free for months?"

Simple, when ceiling fans rotate at high speed air friction on the blade edges create static electricity which pulls dust to the blades. Top Purple is formulated to eliminate that static electricity build-up so dust cannot stick.

Just wipe the blades clean with a damp cloth and let dry (must kill the little chia pets growing up there!). Spray all blades top and bottom with Top Purple and DO NOT wipe off, just let them dry. Top Purple will not stain; and is safe on wood, metal, lucite and plastic blades.

Enjoy dust free ceiling fans for months!

Ceiling Fan Cleaning Solution Reviews

I never realized how bad dust collected on ceiling fans until I saw these guys at an exhibit. They talked about the dust from ceiling fans. It made sense, so I bought a bottle. It's amazing how long the blades stay clean, and I feel such a difference in my rooms!
 — Louise Roberts 06/11/2016