Automobile Cleaner

automobile cleaning solutionGreat on chrome, aluminum, and bugs on car paint. Will not hurt specialty paint or air-brush work. Just spray on and wipe off, sun or shade. Also will clean and polish all rims and no brake dust for weeks.


Automobile Cleaning Solution Reviews

My wife got this stuff at the Big E and to be honest I thought she got taken by another crazy fair product. The guy told me to try it on my rims (BMW) for brake dust which I did not expecting much. Wow! My rims have never stayed clean for this long and it is easy to use too. Score one for the wife!
Roger Greene 10/14/16

Nice product. Seems to last around two weeks or so on my rims and is quick and easy to apply. My kind of product, quick and easy.
Jake Simmons 08/22/2016